Blackpool Gazette – ‘It was love at first sight’

A couple who had been together for 18 years made it official when they married at a ceremony surrounded by family and friends. Carl Stirk, 41, and Lorraine McNeil, 45, met while working at nightclubs. Lorraine explained: “It was in Brannigan’s Nightclub when I saw him and it was love at first sight – it was a bit like the Human League song I Was Working in a Cocktail Bar. “He came in to ask for another assistant and my heart dropped but I told the manger’s husband how I felt and he said he would tell him. “When he came in again he said ‘I hear you fancy me’ and asked me if I was going to ask him out! “I said no because I’d chased him and told him he’d better ask me out! “We went on our first date and have never left each other’s side – we are inseparable. “After seven years of romance he took me to Crabwell Manor and it took two bottles of wine for him to ask me for my hand in marriage. “It also took two postponed dates to finally walk into each other’s arms and declare our love for one another. “He is the love of my life and I will love him forever.”













They tied the knot at the Pavilion on the Prom in Blackpool and Lorraine’s sister and three nephews travelled all the way from New Zealand to be there. However, the day nearly didn’t happen as Lorraine suffered a bad case of vertigo an hour before the ceremony – so much so that a doctor was called. Fortunately, Lorraine, a Tesco customer assistant, recovered enough to enjoy her big day.Carl, an HGV driver for James Hall and Co said: “We have to say that both the hotel and the registrar Adrian made the day for putting both Lorraine and myself at ease and having back up plans should Lorraine not be able to stand – which we are glad to say she did. “I didn’t think Lorraine could make me any happier than I was with her, until she said the words “ I do!” Lorraine added: “I had waited 18 years to marry the man of my dreams and when he put the ring on my finger and said he would love me forever it made me the happiest girl in the world.” After the wedding, they enjoyed a honeymoon in Las Vegas. They live in Marton.

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